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What to Put in a Girl Emergency Kit for School?

Discover essential items for a girl's school emergency kit. Stay prepared with RisenMedical's expertly curated products for peace of mind and confidence.

Every parent wants their child to be prepared for whatever life throws at them, especially when they’re away from home. As your daughter steps into middle school, having a girl emergency kit for school can be a lifesaver. These kits are designed to address the unexpected moments that can arise during a typical school day. From personal hygiene to minor health issues, a well-thought-out emergency kit ensures she’s always ready.

Why an Emergency Kit is Essential for School

An emergency kit for school is not just about addressing emergencies; it’s about instilling a sense of responsibility and independence in young girls. Middle school is a time of rapid changes and growth, making it crucial for your daughter to feel confident and prepared. Whether it's a sudden headache, a minor scrape, or an unexpected period, having a girl emergency kit bag can help her handle these situations with ease and confidence.

an Emergency Kit

Key Items to Include in a Girl Emergency Kit for School

Personal Hygiene Essentials

Maintaining personal hygiene is a significant aspect of a girl's school day. Here are some must-have items for personal hygiene:

Sanitary Pads or Tampons

One of the most crucial items in any girl emergency kit for middle school list is sanitary pads or tampons. Periods can start unexpectedly, and having these on hand can prevent embarrassment and discomfort.

Wipes and Tissues

Wet wipes and tissues are incredibly versatile. They can be used for cleaning hands, freshening up, or even in place of toilet paper in a pinch.

Hand Sanitizer

With the rise in awareness about hygiene, especially post-pandemic, hand sanitizer has become a non-negotiable item. It helps in keeping hands germ-free, especially before meals.

Health and First Aid Supplies

Minor health issues can arise anytime, and being prepared is key. Here's what you should include:

Band-Aids and Antiseptic Wipes

Scrapes and cuts are part and parcel of school life. Band-Aids and antiseptic wipes can help clean and cover minor injuries quickly.

Pain Relievers

A small bottle of pain relievers can be a lifesaver for unexpected headaches or cramps. Ensure your daughter knows the correct dosage and only uses them when absolutely necessary.

Creating the Perfect Girl Emergency Kit Bag

Choosing the right bag for the emergency kit is just as important as the contents. The bag should be discreet, yet easily accessible. Here’s what to consider:

Size and Portability

The bag should be small enough to fit in a backpack but large enough to hold all the necessary items. A compact, lightweight bag like RisenMedical's Small Emergency Portable Medical First Aid Kit is ideal for daily use, ensuring readiness wherever your day takes you.

RisenMedical's Small Emergency Portable Medical First Aid Kit

Organization and Compartments

A bag with multiple compartments can help keep items organized. This makes it easier for your daughter to find what she needs quickly without rummaging through her entire backpack.

Additional Items to Enhance Your Emergency Kit

While the basics are essential, adding a few extra items can make the kit even more helpful:

Snacks and Water

A small snack, like a granola bar, and a bottle of water can come in handy if she feels hungry or dehydrated during the day.

Emergency Contact Information

Include a card with important contact information, such as phone numbers of family members, the school nurse, and a trusted friend.

Spare Change or Small Amount of Cash

Having a small amount of money can be useful for emergency situations, such as needing to make a phone call or buy a necessary item.

Teaching Your Daughter How to Use Her Emergency Kit

It’s not enough to simply provide an emergency kit for school; your daughter needs to know how and when to use each item. Sit down with her and go through each item, explaining its purpose and the appropriate times to use it. This ensures she’s not only prepared but also confident in handling unexpected situations.

Role-Playing Scenarios

Consider role-playing different scenarios with your daughter. This could include situations like handling a sudden period, dealing with a minor injury, or freshening up before an important presentation. These exercises can help her feel more comfortable and prepared.

Maintaining and Updating the Emergency Kit

Regularly check and update the contents of the emergency kit to ensure everything is in good condition and nothing has expired. Here are a few tips:

Monthly Check-Ins

Set a monthly reminder to review the kit's contents. Replace used or expired items and ensure everything is in working order.

Seasonal Adjustments

Adjust the contents of the kit according to the season. For example, in colder months, you might include lip balm or lotion to prevent dry skin.


Knowing what to put in a girl emergency kit for school can make a significant difference in your daughter’s daily life. From personal hygiene essentials to minor health supplies, each item plays a crucial role in ensuring she’s prepared for whatever comes her way. By following this comprehensive girl emergency kit for middle school list, you can create a kit that supports her well-being, boosts her confidence, and helps her navigate school life with ease. This preparedness can foster a sense of independence and self-assurance that will benefit her throughout her school years and beyond.

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